Object Overview

The purpose of this section is to inform developers a bit more about how this package works Internally. For the everyday user, this will not be needed. It is aimed at plugin developers who need to interact with the internals.

Anyway, internally within the rewritten package all data is stored within a slotted attrs dataclass. Thus was picked over regular class’s to stop boiler plate. It is also better for its given use case when compared to a dictionary as it is a fairly set size.

In the initial versions, we also included logic wrapped in the same class but after the move to dataclasses the logic was abstracted out to reduce memory overhead.

Plugin developers

You shouldn’t in most cases be interacting directly with these class’s as the package provides an interface for getting and setting data. Your main focus is within the addons variable which is a dictionary which maps the name of your plugin class to the data you wish to store.